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Par Node and Rewards

Below is an incomplete list of references to configurable variables of parameters (par) that are subject to voting via DAO Governance:

  • Minimum Channel Capacity: 20,000 sat
  • Maximum Channel Capacity: 16,000,000 sat
  • General Reward Threshold: 500,000 sat
  • Capacity Fixed Reward Amount (LN Channel Rewards): 50,000 PL2
  • Capacity Reward Percentage Amount (LN Channel Rewards): 0.03% of Treasury HODL
  • User Channel Reward (amount of total pending reward): 0.4%
  • Baseline Reward: 250 PL2
  • User Channel Rewards Period (interval of pending): 6,500 blocks
  • Channel Rewards Capacity Multiplier: 1

As the experiment progresses and decentralized markets evolve, the effects of these parameters will become apparent. The variables may be changed initially through informal governance votes and later through formal governance votes to ensure operational stability and keep Plenny economically viable.